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Saesee Tiin + R4 Astromech

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No, Saesee Tin's ability checks the difficulty of the maneuver in step 1 of the Activation Phase (after a ship reveals its dial) and doesn't interact with R4 Astromech, which decreases the difficulty of speed 1-2 basic maneuvers during step 2 of the Activation Phase (Execute Maneuver).

From the Rules Reference Guide: 
R4 Astromech (and other effects that alter the difficulty of a maneuver, such as Nien Nunb (crew), L3-37's Programming, and Leia Organa (Rebel and Resistance crew)) apply only during the Execute Maneuver step, for effects that trigger "before a ship executes a maneuver" (e.g. BB Astromech), and for effects that trigger "after that ship executes a maneuver" (e.g. Elusive).

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