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Saesee Tiin and R2-A6

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Yes, each ability is able to set a new revealed maneuver.  Saesee Tiin with R2-A6 uses the ability queue to resolve (or not resolve) both abilities in the desired order.


"Q: When an effect (such as Seasoned Navigator) instructs a ship to set its dial to a different maneuver "after you reveal your dial," is the ship's revealed maneuver the one that was on the dial when it was revealed or the new maneuver to which it is set?

A: The ship's revealed maneuver is the one to which its dial is physically set. If an effect such as Seasoned Navigator physically sets the dial to a new maneuver, the new maneuver is the ship's revealed maneuver. If multiple effects set the dial, the revealed maneuver is the final maneuver on the dial after all effects that set it have been resolved."

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