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Genesis Red + Jam

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If Genesis Red has a single jam token and performs a lock action, he can acquire a lock on an enemy ship which is then immediately removed along with the jam token. How is Genesis Red's ability then resolved?

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Since the lock still has to happen in order for it to be cancelled by the jam token, this comes down to player order since a player can resolve effects in an order of their choosing.

Assuming the Genesis Red (M3-A Interceptor) player is the First Player:

Genesis Red acquires a lock as the active player, triggering his ability and the jam.

After acquiring the lock Genesis Red discards all focus and evade tokens, then gains the same number as the locked ship.

Then you would resolve the jam token.

If Genesis Red were not First Player, both the jam and lock would enter the ability queue.

The jam token would resolve first, breaking the lock.
As the lock needed to have happened in order for it to enter the queue, Genesis Red would have to remove all focus and evade tokens, and gain nothing since there is no longer a "locked ship".

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