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Ion Cannon clarification

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I recently played Ion Cannon and my opponent rolled 2 evades against my 3 hits. The attack hit (once) so does that mean he gains 2 ion tokens because the attack did indeed hit (ignoring his evades)?
Or do his evades then cancel out two of my hits and thus two of the ion tokens, leaving him with one damage and nothing else? Thank you!

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Step 4 of an Attack - Neutralize Results. 

During this step, pairs of attack and defense dice neutralize each other with hit results being canceled before critical hit results unless specified by certain cards.

An attack hits if at least one hit or critical hit result remains uncancelled.

In this instance, 2 hit results would have been neutralized by 2 evade results leaving 1 hit to determine if the attack hit. 

The ion cannon requires you to spend 1 hit or critical hit result to cause the defender to suffer 1 damage with all remaining hit or critical hit results inflicting ion tokens instead of damage.

As you have spent the 1 remaining hit result to deal 1 damage to your opponent, and the other 2 hit results were neutralized, there would be no remaining results to convert into ion tokens. 

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