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Staggered and arch nemesis

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What happens when carnage activates while having staggered and is within range 3 of an enemy non-dazed Eddie Brock. 

arch nemesis ends with “…if possible”. 
staggered does not. So I assume staggered takes precedence.
What happens with carnage’s second action? I’m assuming since it’s his second, he is free to not have to attack Eddie.  


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In this scenario the Stagger special condition is ignored and the first action is the attack on Venom. The second action can then be used normally—shaking Stagger is not required.

If the second action is not used to shake it, Stagger remains on Carnage until his next activation when his first action will have to be used to shake it if he is no longer in range of Venom to trigger Arch Nemesis. 

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