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Iden Versio interaction with 1.5 Evade Rules

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My question is, does Iden's ability gain the benefits of the 1.5 evade rules on Pg.5 of the RRG?

"When you resolve the [Evade] defense effect, you can cancel 1 die at close range or distance 1." -Iden

"When a ship spends an [Evade] token while defending against a ship of a larger size class, it may cancel or reroll one additional attack die, as appropriate for the attack’s range. If it does, discard the spent token, whether it is readied or exhausted." -Evade Rules Pg.5 RRG

Ex: A Gladiator with Iden equipped is defending against an attack from a Mc80 at close range. The Gladiator spends it's evade token, could it then discard that token to cancel 2 dice instead of 1?

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