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Living Ribbons vs. Mantle of the Black Panther

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We had an unexpected scenario this evening that we didn't entirely feel satisfied with any given answer and are looking for a more official one.

Black Panther initiated an attack on Angela. Black Panther, activating his Super Power, enables him to use Mantle of the Black Panther and reroll all dice, where the reroll should begin during Phase 9 and starts with the attacker. Angela has Living Ribbons, which prevents any rerolls when defending, but as she is defending, her modification would happen after the attacker during Phase 9 (since the order is Attack resolves, then Defender resolves).

Does Black Panther still get his rerolls first, as his super power would activate before her innate power during the step in Phase 9, or do they essentially cancel one another out and Mantle of the Black Panther gets shut down?

Thanks in advance.

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