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Hera pilot ability: how often per attack/defense

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Question regarding the number of times one can trigger Hera's pilot ability during an attack/defense engagement:  Hera's ability reads: "While another friendly ship at range 1-2 defends or performs an attack, during a Modify Dice step, you may transfer 1 of your focus tokens, evade tokens, or locks to that ship."

Example:  Benthic Two Tubes is at range for Hera's ability to apply and is engaged as the defender in an attack.  Benthic has no tokens; Hera has a focus and an evade token.  The attacker rolls his attack dice, next during the modify attack dice step, the attacker changes a focus to a hit and then (per Hera's ability) Hera transfers a focus token to Benthic.  Next, Benthic rolls his defense dice, rolling a focus and a blank.  Next would come the modify the defense dice step; can Hera now pass the evade token to Benthic?  I.e. this would mean that Hera can potentially trigger 2 times per attack/defense.  My initial thought was yes since Hera's ability does not dictate a specific modify dice step (attack/defence/etc.).  Also, because her ability triggers once per modify dice step is how I was interpreting it.  Clarification would be appreciated.

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No. Hera Syndulla's (RZ-1 A-Wing / A/SF-01 B-Wing) pilot ability can trigger once per opportunity - the opportunity is "While another friendly ship at range 1-2 defends or performs an attack".

So even though there are two possible windows (the modify attack dice and modify defense dice steps) in which to actually trigger her pilot ability, you would only get to use her ability during ONE of those two steps per attack.

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