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Raid Tokens and Commands

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Another easy one,

The scenario is a ship has a Squadron Raid Token on it. Another ship uses Comm Net to give that ship a Squadron Token. When the first ship activates it reveals a Squadron Command Dial. 

Now according to the rules on page 4. A ship can spend the dial and "other" command tokens during the command phase, but if the dial and token match they may combine to a single resolution of the command. 

So the question is; can the player spend the token to remove the Raid Token and then spend the dial to activate squadrons, or are the two combined, or just using one of them to clear the Raid Token, making the other useless as it would be doing the same command twice in the same phase? 

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Hello! Thank you for the question, lets see...

Please note that the timing of clearing Raid tokens is only in the "Reveal Command Dial" step of a ships activation and at no other time.

But yes, you can "discard" the squadron token assigned to that ship to clear the squadron raid token. Then declare you will be using the squadron dial to resolve a squadron command at the appropriate time.

"Discarding" the squadron token to clear a raid token is not resolving that command.

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Correct, "spend" is not the same as "discard". "Spending" may lead to it being "discarded" but the reverse is not true unless otherwise specified.

To ensure no confusion. Per RRG topic on Raid, You are not "spending" a command dial or a command token to clear raid tokens, you are "discarding" them. Nor is this resolving any commands.

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