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Admiral Trench getting discarded/destroyed mid round

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If a player reveals an Admiral Trench dial at the start of a ship phase and during the ship phase the ship he is equipped to is destroyed or he is discarded, do friendly ships activated later in the ship phase gain the additional dial?

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I see the question you are asking but the way you have phrased how Admiral Trenchs effect works is incorrect.

Friendly ships are not gaining an "additional dial". Rather when they spend only a command token that matches the command dial that was discarded by Admiral Trench's effect, they are allowed to resolve that command "as if it had spent a dial and token of the same type instead.".


So to answer your question, Yes. 
Even if Admiral Trench was discarded or the ship that card is equipped to is destroyed, the effect if it was resolved, would last until the end of the round.

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