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Ketsu Onyo vs Corruptor Timing

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Which takes precedence? Ketsu's card lacks a timing window on when to apply the speed reduction, so would it be before or after the speed increase granted by Corruptor or All Fighters Follow Me? Does this come down to 1st player's effect first and then 2nd player's?

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Hello! Excellent question!

This will take a bit of explanation, so I apologize there isn't a short answer to this.

Ketsu Onyo's card effect is always in effect no matter if it is controlled by 1st or 2nd player. The reduction of speed happens when any enemy squadron is at distance 1 of Ketsu Onyo.

Ketsu Onyo reduces whatever the "printed" speed of that squadron is. (Or the "Printed speed" of Admiral Chiraneau effect, for example).
After that reduction, any speed enhancing card effects would then take place. Such as Vector, Corrupter, All Fighters Follow Me, Independence, etc.

Let me give an example, the Imperial squadron Boba Fett would have speed 3 (or 2 with Chiraneu) reduced to speed 1 by Ketsu. Then if Vector and AFFM are active card effects, the speed on Boba Fett, would change the speed from 1 back up to 3.

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