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RitR Campaign Strategic Effects Gathering Question

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"Gain strategic effect tokens: Each team can gain one token matching a strategic effect chosen at each location with a friendly base or that they placed a presence sticker at this turn."

In the first round of our 2v2 campaign one team won both battles. Do they:

1) Have the good fortunate of gaining 2 tokens from their starting bases AND 2 tokens from their victories (1 from each battle site) - for a total of 4 tokens total for the round

2) Choose between gaining tokens from their starting bases (2 tokens total) or gaining tokens from each location they placed a presence sticker (2 victories = 2 tokens total)? - so they would gain 2 tokens total

The way it is written, we interpret this step as most likely the first option, but we wonder if the second option was the intent to keep things more balanced.


Thank you!

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