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Cross Faction Model Legality

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The latest rules reference update says, "Each ship card has a ship type centered at the bottom of the card Players may use any Star Wars: X-Wing miniature that represents the same ship model as the pilot in their squadron, so long as it is easily recognizable as the ship it represents and has the appropriate ship token fitted in the ship’s base. Example: The Customized YT-1300 Light Freighter miniature may be used to represent a Scavenged YT-1300 if the Escape Craft piece is removed and an appropriate ship token is fitted to the ship’s base."

Does this mean we can use:

  • a Resistance RZ-2 A-Wing model for a Rebel RZ-1 A-Wing, or
  • a Republic BTL-B Y-Wing or Resistance BTA-NR2 Y-Wing model in place of a Rebel BTL-A4 Y-Wing?


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No, the Customized, Modified and Scavenged YT-1300 ships are all variations of a YT-1300 freighter, whereas the the BTL-B, BTA-NR2 & BTL-A4 Y-Wings are different ships altogether. The same would go for T-65 & T-70 X-Wings, RZ-1 & RZ-2 A-Wings


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