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Intuitive Interface and Wartime Loadout on Resistance Y Wings

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Intuitive interface says:
Intuitive Interface: After you perform an action added to your action bar by a  talent, illicit, or MODIFICATION  upgrade, you may perform a  action.
Wartime Loadout says: Restrictions: Extra MODIFICATION SLOT, BTA-NR2 Y-Wing, Standardized
Adds:  (2)shields, WHITE LOCK , WHITE RELOAD, , 

Would you get the free calculate when locking or reloading?

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No, Wartime Loadout is listed as a Configuration (and only Configuration) in the Resistance points document.  While it does also require the use of a Modification slot, it does not trigger Intuitive Interface.


Wartime Loadout instructs you to replace Intuitive Interface with Devastating Barrage.

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