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Conner Nets & Tavson’s Pilot Ability

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Conner Nets: ‘When this device detonates, the ship suffers 1 hit damage and gains 3 ion tokens.’ 

Tavson’s Pilot Ability: ‘After you suffer damage, you may spend 1 charge to perform an action’.

Does the dropper of the Conner Net choose the order of the ion and damage or is it specifically damage then ion tokens? 


The situation in reference is when a Conner Net is detonated by Tavson in the Upsilon shuttle, and how that interacts with his ability to take an additional action when taking damage.  If the damage is applied before ion tokens are applied Tavson would have options when it comes to his additional action. If the mine dropper chooses the order, they could choose damage after ion tokens are assigned, restricting Tavson to focus action only.

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No. Both the damage and ion tokens are part of the Connor Net effect.
You have to resolve all the effect before going to the next in the ability queue (Lieutenant Tavson (Upsilon-Class Command Shuttle) triggers and goes in front of the queue).

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