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Yavaris + Flight commander + Fighter coordination team

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No, squadrons that move during Yavaris's activation, cannot use Yavaris's card effect.

To review the card wording and its clarification, I'll BOLD the relevant wording.


Card effect:
“Squadron Command: Each squadron you activate may choose to only attack during your activation. If it does, while attacking, it may add 1 die to its attack pool of a color already in its attack pool.” 

A squadron activated by Yavaris that adds a die while attacking cannot resolve another effect to move during Yavaris’ activation.

As it is Yavaris's activation, if a squadrons moves during that activation, they lose the chance to resolve Yavaris's card effect.

However, I can see that the Clarification is not as clear as it could possibly be, and I'll make a note to pass along to update this Clarification to be clearer.

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