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Emergency Deployment and Engagement w/ Nashta Pup

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The current rules reference states:


If a ship emergency deploys during the Engagement Phase, it can still
engage during that phase at its initiative. If its initiative has already
occurred this round, it cannot engage this phase.

A YV-666 with the Nashta Pup equipped.  If the YV is destroyed at the same initiative, and the YV player is NOT the first player, the Nashta Pup is deployed, but neither the YV or the Pup have engaged.  Would BOTH the YV and the Pup both engage (simultaneous fire)?

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No, if a ship is destroyed during the Engagement Phase, it is removed after all ships that have the same initiative as the currently engaged ship have engaged. Before the carrier is removed from the play area, any docked ships can emergency deploy from their carrier. 

So while the carrier ship would be able to engage via simultaneous fire, emergency deployment happens before removing the ship, and at that point the initiative 4 opportunity to engage is over.


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