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Corvus Title and Advanced Gunnery Objective

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When I am second player and my opponent chooses Advanced Gunnery, what is the order of operations to resolve Corvus and advanced gunnery as both are "after deploying fleet affects". Specifically after my opponent declares his objective ship, can I resolve Corvus then determine my own objective ship? 

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Per Effects use and Timing.
First player first, second player second when resolving effects with the same timing window.

A players objective cards are considered part of their fleet when fleet building. If you are the second player and you have both Advanced Gunnery and Corvus in your fleet, you would be able to choose which effect to resolve first.
A first players Corvus would resolve before you decide which of your effects to resolve.

When it is your turn to decide your effects, either choose to resolve Corvus's ability first, or choose to resolve Advanced Gunnery first.
You do not split the timing effect of an upgrade card with another effect unless otherwise specified.

For example, second player could choose to resolve Advanced Gunnery first, which must be done in its entirety. With the first player choosing their objective ship, followed by the second player.  Then the second player could choose to resolve Corvus ability.

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