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It does not include Failures results, no.

To understand why...

The core rules say that Failure results cannot be rerolled or modified (Page 7 of the online rulebook).

We also have this section of the core rules from page 5 that explains when something says a thing can't happen, that trumps another rule saying it can happen


Some effects say that a character can or does do something or an effect can or does happen, while others say that a character can’t do the same thing or say that the same effect can’t happen. In any case where these effects apply to the same character at the same time, the “can’t” overrides the “can.”

So the rule saying Failures can't be rerolled "wins" over something telling you to reroll all your dice.

There is an exception to this though, which is when a rule directly references the rule it is overriding. Take Dr. Strange as an example...he has a rule that says "This character may modify and reroll Failure dice results.". Because this directly references the rule about Failure dice, it wins in the can't vs can scenario.

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