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Pattern Analyzer and linked action?

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 I see this has been answered before with the answer of yes. But I don't understand how. Let me explain.

Pattern Analyzer card reads " While you fully execute a red maneuver,before the check difficulty step,you may perform 1 action."

In the Rules it states "LINKED ACTION Linked actions allow a ship to perform an action after performing another action."

So with Pattern Analyzer stating 1 action an the rules stating that Linked action is an action after performing another action. So that is two actions. 

How can you do to two actions when the card that is letting you do an action is telling you,you can only do 1 action?

If the "1" was not on the card this would not be a problem but with it there it makes a problem with the original answer of yes .

Hopefully you can help me understand.

Thank you.

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It operates in the same manner as step 3 of the Activation Phase does:

Step 3: Perform Action: The ship may perform one action.

Pattern Analyzer is allowing you to perform an action - abilities that trigger off performing an action can then enter the ability queue and be resolved. 

Compare this to Advanced Sensors: 

After you reveal your dial, you may perform 1 action.

If you do, you cannot perform another action during your activation.

In this case, the card is specifically telling you that after you perform the action allowed by Advanced Sensors, you cannot perform any more actions during that ship's activation.

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