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This special rule is being contested in our local area.

When you resolve the [Evade] defense effect, you can cancel 1 die at close range or distance 1." -Iden

Becuase the wording dosent say instead of, we are treating Iden's rule is in addition to the evade defence token. 

We have been treating it as, in close range we get to reroll one dice, and then discard 1 dice as per Iden's rule. 

Eg. A Raider being attacked by MC80 Home One at close range. MC80 rolls 3 double hit reds, 3 hit blues, total of 9 damage.

Raider discards evade token (for being a smaller ship class) to reroll 2 of the double red dice, and results with 2 blanks. Iden's rule then chooses the last double red and 1 blue dice to cancel it.

Total damage 2. 

Is this correct? 

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Please let me know if this prior answer helps at all 

Also, Iden Versios ability provides an alternative way to spend Evade defense tokens; an Evade defense token spent in this way does not also produce its normal effect.
See Mon Mothma + its card clarification for similar wording.

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Hi Karnak, thanks for responding.

The previous answer didnt quite answer the either/or nature of my question, if Iden's special rule was in addition to the evade effect. 

Your follow up response however did, and that Iden's rule provides an alternate way to spend the Evade defense token. 

Thank you for this ruling. Just in time before the Australian Grand Champions in late March. 😀

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