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Axe effect

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What is the timing/effect restriction on Axe?
Is their effect limited to once per attack or for each instance of damage that occurs during an attack. 

As an example, Anakin (Aethersprite) attacks a squadron and does 2 damage, then selects that same squad and another for the additional damage from their ability. Could Axe intervene in each separate instance of damage?

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Hello! Excellent question.

Yes, as long as Axe's conditions are met, their ability isn't limited to once per attack.
Axe could resolve their ability for each instance of damage as described in your example, but is limited by the following rule "A defense token cannot be spent more than once during an attack". So Axe cannot resolve their ability more than twice in the same attack and are able to only resolve it twice, if they have two defense tokens to spend.

As a note, Axe could resolve against such abilities like Anakin Skywalker (Delta-7) or Ten Numb which take place "during an attack". It could not be used against such abilities like Mauler Mithel or Soontir Fel, as those abilities take place outside of an attack.

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