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Officer Emperor Palpatine against TRC


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I'm attacking a ship equipped with the officer Emperor Palpatine and I have TRC (Turbolaser Reroute Circuits) on my ship.
There is only one readied evade token left on the attacking ship.
My question is, can I use TRC, or Palpatine ability prevent me from spending the exhaust evade, as I need to spend the evade token when declaring my target ?

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  • DSchultz changed the title to Officer Emperor Palpatine against TRC

A: No, Per RRG,  "A defense token cannot be spent more than once during an attack."

Using your example, if the attacking ship only has 1 "Readied" Evade defense token, and you attack a ship that has Emperor Palpatine (Officer) equipped. You would "spend" the Readied Evade defense token due to Emperor Palpatine (Officer) ability, that defense token was spent in this attack, and thus cannot be spent again this attack. 
So no, you cannot spend it again for use for the Turbolaser Reroute Circuits effect.

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