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Clarification on "Unit" wording for Tristan Wren and Gar Saxon

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Hello stumbled today over an issue that come due to a translation 'blur'

Gar Saxons in Gauntlet Fighter and Tristan Wrens abilities both refere to "unit" instead of the classic "ship".

I assumed that their skill could also affect Super Commandos with are Device/Remotes. Hence no ships, but units.

Now I have seen that the German Translation uses the German word "Schiff", which translate to "ship", in both cases.

For compariso a ship like commander Goran uses ship also in the translation.

So do the skills revere as I assumed also to remotes or is it just to ships?


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Both Gar Saxon (Empire, Gauntlet Fighter) and Tristan Wren (Crew) refer to Units and not Ships 

Any rulings for cards that have been translated into a country's local language are based on the English-language version of the card. 

From the Rules Reference (v1.4.3.1), under Unit:

Ships and remotes are units.


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