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Bump Focus Vs. Activation-Interrupting Attacks

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The pilot who exclusively overlaps enemy ships during their activation will get to perform the red focus action before any "After an enemy ship executes a maneuver" triggers.

For an enemy ship to have executed a maneuver it must perform two sub steps
a) Maneuver ship - during which the ship is moved using the matching template and
b) Check Difficulty - during which the difficulty of the maneuver is checked and stress is added or removed as required.

If an overlap occurred during the "Maneuver ship" step causing a partially executed maneuver, after the Check Difficulty step the player may resolve an effect based on what ship it overlapped. This includes the red focus action granted when a ship overlaps enemy ships exclusively.

This step is still part of "Executing a maneuver" thus triggers before the "After an enemy ship executes a maneuver" trigger.

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