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Chewbacca Crew & Explosion with Wings

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No. From the Rules Reference Guide (v1.4.4, page 39):

Q: How does Chewbacca (Resistance, crew) interact with the Explosion with Wings ship ability?
A: Chewbacca (Resistance, crew)'s "Setup: Lose 1 chage" ability occurs after the ship equipped with Chewbacca is placed during Step 5: Place Forces.
Explosion with Wings causes a ship to be dealt a damage card during Step 6: Prepare Other Components.

However, triggered abilities that do not have the "Setup:" header or explicitly mention a timing during Setup do not trigger during Setup. Thus, the second ability in Chewbacca's text ("After a friendly ship at range 0–3 is dealt 1 damage card, recover 1 charge", which does not mention setup nor have the header, does not trigger from "Explosion with Wings."

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