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TIE/rb heavy starfighter fire arc

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Good Morning
I would like feedback about the TIE/rb heavy Rotating Cannons ability.  Using a cannon card with a standard arc? Easy to understand. If you rotate the turret arc you can shoot front or back the cannon but i'm having problems understanding what happens with a cannon with a different arc. 
For now beyond the standard arc we have two cannons with a bullseye arc like the heavy laser cannon or the proton canons so 2 questions about this.
1: Being the rules speaking only about standard arc, a cannon with a bullseye arc can be used with the rotating cannons ability to change his arc to back or you can't because the turret can only be used with standard arc cannons?
2: If you can equip a cannon with bullseye arc and use it with the rules of rotating turret to shoot front or back, the arc will be a turret arc meaning that it's a standard arc or will still be a bullseye arc?


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The TIE/rb Heavy's Ship Ability, Rotating Cannnons states that you must treat the front arc restriction of your equpped cannon upgrades as a turret arc.

If an equipped cannon does not have the front arc restriction, like Heavy Laser Cannon for example, the Rotating Cannons Ship Ability would not apply as it doesn't meet the requirements fo the ability.


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