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Timing of Overlap Red Focus

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"• If the overlapped ship was an enemy ship, if it is not stressed, it may immediately perform a Focus or Calc action from its action bar, treating the action as red. Then the ship skips its Perform Action step."

"While executing a maneuver, if a ship would be placed at the end of the template on top of another object, it has overlapped that object."


Situation: Luke overlaps a TIE and takes a Red Focus. The following round, Luke does a 2 straight (blue) and overlaps another TIE. He is stressed at the time of overlap from the previous round. Can he take the Overlap Focus?

Is the Overlap Focus "immediately" as in during 1.C of a maneuver or is after the "Check Difficulty" step of maneuvering allowing for the clearing of a previous stress and now qualify for the Overlap Focus?

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Step 2 of Overlap In (V1.4.4 of the RRG), states that "Then, after the Check Difficulty step, it suffers an effect based on what ship it overlapped that initially forced it to partially execute the maneuver." The Red Focus/Calculate is an example of one of these effects.

So in your example, Luke would do a 2 straight, overlapping another tie, That overlap would then be resolved by placing the ship in the correct location according to the rules. The check difficulty step would then be resolved resulting in the stress token being removed. After the check difficulty step is resolved, you then have the opportunity to perform the red focus action from the earlier overlap.

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