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Tor Phun ability and Cluster Missiles

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Tor's ability allows the ship to take an action, then he MAY perform a bonus attack and take 2 stain tokens.  Cluster missiles says that after you perform an attack, you may make a bonus attack against a ship at range 1 of the defender.

If Tor destroys a ship with a cluster missile (the first one), can he take an action, then make the bonus attack from the Cluster Missiles (skipping the 2nd part of the pilot ability)?

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Tor Phun's Pilot ability grants you the opportunity for a bonus attack it would be resolved in step 6d of the attack sequence, regardless of whether a player intends to utilize the bonus attack granted (The "gain two strain to perform a bonus attack" of Tor Phun's pilot ability is optional, as the choice to gain the two strains is a "may gain".)

In the scenario of Tor Phun attacking a target with the first salvo of cluster missiles and destroying his target, Both his pilot ability and the cluster missiles ability would be added to the ability queue in step 6D (since both grant a bonus attack). If the player chooses to add the pilot ability first and then the cluster missiles bonus attack, it would allow them to resolve the pilot ability first, in which they can perform an action and then choose whether or not they want to gain 2 strain to perform a bonus attack. If they choose not to gain the strain tokens, they can then resolve the cluster missiles bonus attack.

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