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Hello there!

The release of the Star Wars: Legion Core Rule Book has been a massive undertaking that we at Atomic Mass Games have worked diligently on for quite some time. In order to make the rollout of this Core Rule Book as seamless as possible, we have created this new rules forum as a clean slate for all of your rules questions. This enables our team to answer your questions and provide answers in a much more efficient manner, while keeping all rulings in the same place.

"But what about old XYZ ruling?" you may ask. In the process of writing the Core Rule Book, we took into consideration many of the outlying and existing rules questions and issues. The rulings on many of these issues have been incorporated into the new Core Rule Book. Before submitting a rules question, make sure your question is not answered in the Core Rule Book! If your question remains unanswered in the new rules, then please submit it for our team's review. All rulings on the old forum should be considered invalid- if it is not on this new forum, it is not a ruling. The old forum will be archived, and will be available to view. 

We anticipate that there will be a large number of questions as the community adjusts to the new Core Rule Book, and it may take longer than usual for your submissions to get a response. Rest assured our team is working as fast as we can to answer all of your questions!

Happy Gaming!

Andrew Dursum
Game Developer
Atomic Mass Games

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