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Non-Standard Moves

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In the old rules, it expressly states that "pivot, reverse, strafe, climb, clamber, embark, and disembark are not standard moves."  I do not see any such limitation in the new core rule book.  With the exception of pivot and clamber (as the latter no longer exists), these are all performed the same as a standard move, by placing the unit leader at the end of the movement tool.  Should these now be considered standard moves?

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Miniatures now typically move in two ways- standard moves, or climbs. Pg. 25: "Some abilities provide standard moves, often of certain speeds. A move provided by an ability is not a move action unless specifically stated." The bolded part is relavent because many abilities (Steady, Relentless, Tactical) have been re-worded to specify exactly when a unit may trigger ability (standard move, standard move as part of a move action, etc)

As for pivots, reverses, etc, the rules state that these movements can be done instead of another movement: For example, Pivot, Pg. 35 "When a unit that can pivot performs a move action, it may choose to pivot instead of performing another movement." These are not standard moves.

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