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Gunslinger and Fire Support

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Reading the new wording of gunslinger, it is not clear if you can fire support the second attack still.

As an example, previously you could have an Infantry Support Platform make an attack with it’s twin blaster cannons. If using one of the upgrades allowing gunslinger, you could fire support both attacks.

Let’s say I now have an Infantry Support Platform (ISP) that’s drawn a token from the pool, and Phase 1 Clone Trooper unit 1 (U1) with a face up order token and Phase 1 Clone Trooper unit 2 (U2) with a face up order token. 
When (ISP) makes it’s first attack, halving it’s dice and keywords to use gunslinger (U1) fire supports flipping it’s order token face down. It then makes a second attack with gunslinger repeating steps 4-11 of the attack sequence. Can (U2) flip it’s order token face down to allow each miniature to add one of it’s weapons to that second attack via fire support?

Thank you.

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Fire Support is declared during the Form Attack Pool step of the attack process. Gunslinger is resolved during Declare Additional Defenders, which instructs the attacking player to repeat steps 1 & 2 (Declare Defender & Form Attack Pool, respectively). Fire Support may indeed be used during the repeated Form Attack Pool step.

Yes, Phase 1 Clone Trooper units "U1" and "U2" may each use their Fire Support keyword to add weapon dice to both attack pools formed by the Infantry Support Platform.

Hope that helps!

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