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Based on Star Wars: Legion Core Rule Book v2.5, a player may choose to Pass instead of activating a unit if:


they have fewer remaining orders than their opponent. To see how many remaining orders a player has, add together the number of faceup order tokens their army has on the battlefield, in that player’s order pool, and on their Command Cards.

When Cad Bane's "I Make the Rules Now" Command Card is Divulged, we are instructed not to deploy him, but not what to do with his Order Token. 

Until a "Here I am" Bane Token is revealed, where does Cad Bane's Order Token exist? Does it count as a remaining token for the purpose of passing the activation? 

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Cad Bane's order token is placed in the order pool. As per the Create the Order Pool entry on page 21, a player's order pool consists of one order token that matches the rank of each undefeated unit that was not issued an order.

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