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Jumping down with Jump X

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"When determining the height of the terrain for the purposes of performing a movement or a climb, measure the height of the part of the terrain the miniatures are moving or climbing to, subtracting the height of any terrain the miniatures may be on."

The Jump X entry reads that a unit "performs a move action as normal and can ignore or end its movement on top of terrain that is height X or lower. (...) When a unit performs the Jump X action, measure height from that unit’s starting position."

As a unit with Jump X ignores terrain Height X or lower, as determined from its current position, it may ignore the terrain it is presently overlapping and fall to the battlefield level, even if that total vertical distance would have been greater than X if measured from the battlefield surface level.


On 1/18/2023 at 5:33 PM, zeusjus said:

Can a unit with jump X jump down a height grater than X? For example, can a jedi with jump 1 jump from a piece of height 2 terrain down to the table surface?


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Note this ruling has been updated to better reflect the language of the Star Wars: Legion Core Rulebook and better align with related questions and their answers.

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