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  1. Hello, When Bounty Hunters use their tactic ability On the Trail, does each character choose an enemy to dash towards or do you choose one enemy and dash both towards it? I could see an argument for either interpretation. Thanks!
  2. Hello, When a unit performs an attack during their activation, if Obi-Wan Kenobi, Out of Hiding uses Mind Trick, does the attacker have to perform the same type of attack on the new attack? The Mind Trick ability simply states the character "may make another attack". For example: Captain Rex is engaged with a wounded ally of Obi-Wan. On his activation, Rex chooses to shoot at Obi, who uses Mind Trick. Even though he was originally doing a ranged attack, could Rex then perform a melee attack against Obi-Wan's wounded ally? For the above example, would it make any difference if the original attack had to be a specific type? For example, Clone Sergeant Hunter is in a similar situation, but attacks the wounded unit with Striking Distance, which stipulates a melee attack. If Mind Trick is used on that melee attack, could Hunter then perform a ranged attack? Thanks!
  3. Hello,Does Greef Karga's innate ability "There is one Job..." trigger at the start of every struggle, or just at the start of the game? As far as I can tell, the current rulebook only uses the “revealing the top card of the Mission Deck" terminology prior to the first struggle, and the wording on the ability seems to assume there will only every be one priority objective token on a unit. Thanks!
  4. Hello, Would choosing a unit to activate and the start of that unit's activation be considered different triggers for the purposes of reactive abilities? For example, could you trigger both "Close the Deal" and "Not So Fast" on the same enemy turn? Thanks!
  5. Hello, When a unit is wounded by an attack, when does the attacker gain momentum? Would it be immediately after step 9 of the attack? As a result, would the momentum gained from wounding IG-11 trigger a roll on "Victory Through Combat is Impossible" (assuming more enemies than other friendly characters within range 3) and would this roll happen prior to effects that happen in step 10 of the attack? Thanks!
  6. Hello, Greef Karga's "Close the Deal" ability occurs "when an opposing player chooses to activate a Unit from reserve". Considering the "playing the game" section on page 21 of the CRB, this seems to align with step 2 of a turn. Step 3 is activating the unit. If the card that's in reserve gets wounded as a result of Close the Deal, would it be correct to say that character was wounded before their activation, and thus they would still activate, flip to injured, and continue their activation as normal? As opposed to ending the activation due to becoming wounded. Thanks!
  7. Hello, Let's assume Jango Fett is strained and attacks an enemy secondary, wounding it. Strained triggers "after the effect is resolved, this Unit suffers 3 damage" (CRB page 35) and I'm Just Looking to Get Paid triggers "after the effect is resolved". Since the triggers are the same timing, can the active player choose to resolve the healing first, removing the strain so that Jango does not take damage from it? Alternatively, consider the case where Jango uses Not So Fast to wound the enemy. Could he resolve the healing first to remove the strain under those circumstances? Thanks!
  8. Hello, Both the Climb and Jump entries on page 27 contain the following line: Consider the example scenario of a gantry attached to a building, both of which have been defined as impassable. A character is under the gantry. Since the tool may overlap impassable terrain of any elevation, would it be a legal move to climb or jump "through" the gantry to end on top of the building? Thanks! Side view: Top view:
  9. Hello, A rules snip on page 25 states: Two questions: 1. Does "at a different elevation than they are" apply to both terrain parts and the battlefield, or just the latter? Stated another way, can you partially overlap a terrain part at the same elevation as you are? 2. When determining if a terrain piece is overlapped, do you look from the top down? In the below picture, if the blue terrain has been defined as one piece, would the character be fully or partially overlapping it? Thanks!
  10. Hello, The MagnaGuard "Protection Protocols" allow them to advance toward a chosen character. On page 28 of the rules, after describing how to algin the movement tool, it states: While advancing the MagnaGuard, could the movement tool go outside of that straight line as long as the MagnaGuard are placed inside of that line? Since they do not move along the tool it would seem they never cross the line, even though the tool does. Thanks!
  11. Hello, The second section of Obi-Wan's "Patience" ability states: Does Obi-Wan have to heal then jump or can he jump then heal if desired? Same goes for Bo-Katan's "Mandalore Will Survive" ability. Thanks!
  12. Hello, Let's say Clone Captain Rex is pinned and uses his active ability "Defensive Maneuver". The pinned condition states: And defensive maneuver states: Even though he didn't move, due to being pinned, would Rex still count as having dashed for the purposes of gaining hunker? Thanks!
  13. Hello, Page 20 of the rulebook states Does "after a player moves the struggle token" refer to the token physically moving, or just that step happening? If a player scores no points and doesn't move the struggle token would they gain a momentum (provided the struggle token was on their opponent's side)? Thanks!
  14. Hello, Can units move through and end a movement overlapping charge tokens?
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