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Fine tuned controls and salvage

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Delta 7/7b have a ship ability called fine tuned controls that allows you to boost after fully executing a maneuver using a force. It’s allowed been discussed and allowed that certain ships with built in boost can still preform that boost with a crate but are the delta 7/7b allowed to as well.

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In the Salvage Mission scenario, while a ship is towing a supply cache, it cannot perform Barrel Roll or Boost actions. If an ability instructs a ship to boost, this is different than performing a Boost action.

For example, the Tie Reaper's ship ability reads: Controlled Ailerons: Before you reveal your dial, if you are not stressed, you may boost.
While the Delta 7/7b Aethersprite ship ability reads: Fine-Tuned Controls: After you fully execute a maneuver, you may spend 1 Force to perform a Barrel Roll or Boost action.

Because the Tie Reaper's ship ability is allowing it to perform a Boost and not a Boost action, it is allowed, where the Aethersprite would not be able to perform the boost action at all. 

*edit: updated to fall in line with other rulings*

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