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  1. In the rules, it states power is gained to the damaged character as they take damage in 12a. They can also KO or Daze in 12a. It doesn't state when the attacking character would gain the power if able by an attack that has the phrase " you gain power equal to the damage you dealt". Does this also happen in 12a? If it doesn't happen in 12a can you please explain logically why it wouldn't? I believe both the attacker and defender should receive power simultaneously others are arguing it doesn't I just would like to know why.
  2. Lets Say the following is true Johann Schmidt is not dazed has 6 power. Arnim Zola is contesting a secure objective token (not dazed of course because to contest you must be non dazed). Wolfgang von Strucker is not Dazed and is within 2 more enemy chacacters with the posion special condition. And Helmut Zemo has dazed and enemy chacacter this round but is now Dazed himself. Can you play the High Council on one of the other three chacacters at this point paying the cost if your the active player and have the power even though Helmut Zemo dazed after meeting his condition?
  3. But with Malekith his dice can not be modified by the opponnent and Grand Illusion says "change" so in Malekith case he just not rolling in extra dice but nothing can be changed since Grand illusion does not say treat. Correct?
  4. So playing Hammers and Toad Deploys right in front of the Hammer on his side. Toad can interact with that hammer at range 2 and does not need to move to internact with the Hammer. During first power phase, sinister traps is played on the Hammer in front of Toad. If Toad picks up the Hammer what happens with Sinister Traps? A: Nothing happens now because Hammer is off Board and nobody can move within range 2 of it. But if Toad would be dazed and hammer is dropped and nobody is in range to pick it up. Then somebody moves in range does Sinister Traps now go off? B. Nothing happens and Sinister traps is no longer in play without going off. C. Next time toad moves does Sinister Traps goe off? D. If somebody moves within 2 of toad does the trap go off on that person now instead?
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