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  1. If a mandolorian unit is pinned can they trigger the focus still without actually moving due to the pin. Due to the fact it’s checking for move action not movement itself ?
  2. Both slip away and night hunter are both when target abilities. If asajj is engaged with someone can you still get the 2 extra dice for dathomirian engaged with target off night hunter if asajj uses slip away
  3. If both my opponent and I have a tie on an objective and we both have a model with inquisitorial mandate or, some other way to win the tie who will claim the objective?
  4. If I have a tie on an active objective with 1 character each on the same level, and Fifth Brother on a different elevation would I gain control of the Objective due to Inquisitorial Mandate. The thought behind this is the rules for contesting does not require elevation to contest, similar to Bo Katan and providing Some of Us Serve a Higher Purpose. So based off the wording of Inquisitorial Mandate which is just checking for a tie at an active objective and that Brother is Contesting should the Brother player gain control of the Objective? Secondly, If both players have a character with Inquisitorial Mandate on an objective that is tied who will win the Objective?
  5. If I have a signature Identity on a character and it’s trigger has happened multiple times over the course of an activation can I use the ability each time? I can’t find anything in the rules that would state that you can’t, as it isn’t a reactive ability and such just would like verification or not. thanks
  6. If I’m building a premier list, it states it follows normal rules for squad building. Which then if I look at Vaders card which says this can not be played in a strike team with anakin, if I’m looking at the rules for squad building and strike team building to me this would be you can’t bring anakin and Vader in a premier list together since following squad building rules as well for primary ahsoka and Padawan ahsoka the thought is they could not be included in the same list since naming However I can see the line that raw you could I just don’t think it’s smart
  7. Just for clarification if obi were to target himself with Run he also needs to be engaged correct? Or can he target himself or an allied character who is engaged
  8. Wouldn’t be only benefit from it once though?
  9. If war path is used the window to trigger big sis or little sis has already passed correct? Or can you use warpath to get in range and then trigger big sis or little sis
  10. If I was attacking ahsoka would I apply conditions from the tree before she would be able to react with too fast? example here being if I applied strain would it go on before she can too fast therefor she would take 3 damage from doing the too fast as well as the half damage?
  11. On the mission card it states at the beginning of players turn but it doesn’t say anything about removing the priority token, is it supposed to be the token stays in play and you move yours accordingly meaning there could be more than one active priority token on the field at once? if this is the case are you able to score the bonus vp in both spots or just on your priority token or is it supposed to be when the priority token is scored you remove the priority token, really just looking for some clarity on how the priority token is supposed to be working
  12. Can I select an option more than once as the card does not limit choice of an option? for instance if I have ten power can I use Star Lord's full Auto 5 times
  13. If the character who played Do you want to remember is KO'd do you lose the ability to gain memory tokens AND lose the ability to use the tokens or are you able to still use them similar to the way GOTG leadership works
  14. If Blade is bleeding does he get to use Vampiric mortality for his own blade?
  15. If Malekith uses Ferocity into a target and the opponent uses Eye in the sky, or similar effect such as life saver, trickster, escort to safety, does Malekith get the action back even though he made the move?
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