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  1. 99% certain we did this properly, but wanted to confirm here. I begin my activation with Unit A engaged with Unit B. First action is to attack Unit B, caused them to be wounded. For my second action, if I wished to move, my movement action options would still be limited because I am engaged with Unit B despite the fact they are now wounded. Therefore, I still cannot Advance Unit A away from Unit B, only dash. In other words, wounding a unit has no bearing on the impact of the limitations placed by the engagement effect. Movement restrictions will persist. Is this correct?
  2. I declare an attack against a unit. I proc coordinated fire from Arf troopers. The defending unit gains Expose. During my attack, I roll enough hits to trigger expose on my attack tree. Is the target exposed again, since the expose token was removed after rolling defense die? Or do I simply apply an extra damage to the pool, leaving the defender un-exposed after the attack?
  3. If you use Defensive Maneuvers with the Commandos and Scale to go up a piece of terrain, do you still gain the hunker token?
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