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Iden's ID10 seeker droid standing on the box (less than silhouette height) and perfectly touching the edge of the box. Luke can't reach Iden herself, but can reach base-to-base contact with the box. There's no actually base-to-base contact with the droid because of elevation, but there's silhouettes contact. Is that enough to start meele? So Iden teleports to btb with Luke and he uses his charge attack?




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10 hours ago, SergeyStark said:

Is that enough to start melee?

Yes, in your example, Luke Skywalker is in base contact with the enemy mini (Iden's ID10 Seeker Droid). The minis are touching when viewed from above, and the vertical distance between the two bases is no greater than the height of the lower miniature’s silhouette.

Refer to the Bases and Base Contact section on page 5 of the Star Wars: Legion Core Rulebook for the full details!

Note that the Small keyword only affects LOS, cover, and range. An enemy mini may still move into base contact with ID10, moving into melee.

Hope this helps,

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