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Each faction has 3 command cards that list "x faction only" 


Can these cards interact with mercenary models in a list made using that faction. 


For example, covering fire, the rebel 3 pip says rebel only. If I have a rebel list with a pyke capo and pyke foot soldiers included, and I play covering fire. Can I nominate the capo as commander, issue orders to the pykes, and when the pykes perform a ranged attack do they give a dodge token to a nearby unit as normal with the command card. 


Or does the fact it states rebel only mean you have to issue orders to rebel, nominate a rebel and or the effect only applies to rebel corps units 

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“Rebels only” related to selecting the command card during army building. A capo in a Rebel army could be used as the nominated commander for these cards, and could issue the order to Rebel, or Pyke affiliated units. 


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