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  1. Hey there, Because Cassian’s card states that he “gains a standby token”, it doesn’t matter if he’s performed an attack action during his activation or not. That stipulation only matters if he’s performing the Standby Action - but the card doesn’t have him perform a standby action, he just gains the token. Additionally, you only lose the standby token to suppression if you already had the token when you take the suppression. So if Cassian lets say moves, triggers a standby and takes a ranged attack, it wouldn’t effect the standby token he gains with his Command Card. For the final question, the owning player chooses the order of simultaneous effects. So the best move is to take the suppression token, then the standby token. Because you can choose the order that the effects occur, you can do so in a way that wouldn’t cause Cassian to lose the token. Hope this helps! TP
  2. Hey there, Your example is exactly how it would work. TP
  3. Hey there, The text on the card is just reminder text - you should always use text from the RRG as the most current iteration of the rules. TP
  4. Hey there, The LAAT does not provide cover, but can obscure miniatures behind it. Usually, this only comes in to play during the rare moments when a unit is completely obscured by the vehicle. Even in the scenario you described, the defender has no cover, but remember that you can only defeat units that a member of the attacking unit can see. TP
  5. Hey there, Because the unit inside did not disembark, they can act as normal during their activation (assuming they are not suppressed). TP
  6. Hey there, No. The commander with “Aggressive Tactics” needs to be the nominated commander to use AT. TP
  7. Hey Qraith! Good catch! This was unintentional, and has been addressed in the following RRG change: TP
  8. Hey there, In this scenario, Grevious would be required to start his activation in base contact with the terrain feature. You cannot move, use scale, and then scale again before another move if there is no legal place to stop your movement. This is intentional, as it avoids issues related to triggering standby tokens (where do you measure to/from? What cover do I have?). TP
  9. Hey there, You must be able to place the miniature in the direct vertical space above (or below, if going down) where you are performing the climb/clamber. In your example, that would not be legal. TP
  10. Hey there, In this instance both Field Commander units would receive Commander tokens. Note that you still only nominate one commander each round to issue orders. TP
  11. Hey there, The Barricades from "Fortified Positions" cannot be placed in such a way that they would touch objective or condition tokens. Remember that barricades need to be placed lengthwise horizontal to the plane of the battlefield. TP
  12. Hey there, If there is a gap between two separate pieces of terrain then moving over terrain is not relative. The reason it's relative for other repuslors is the speeder keyword – which has been changed to be worded like jump, and explicitly allows them move from one piece to another relative to their current height. If the terrain is one piece multiple levels, then it's relative to the unit's current height. This is the same for troopers. For example, if you have a trooper unit on the roof of large building and there's a slightly raised portion, you wouldn't treat it like that unit has to climb as if it was at ground level to move onto the slightly higher area. To simplify this, if the repulsor is crossing a gap between two pieces of terrain and it doesn't have the speeder keyword, it has to legally be able to move on to the second piece of terrain from the battlefield, not from the height of the first piece of terrain. TP
  13. Hey there, Yes! Transported units can interact with Condition Cards like War Weary and Limited Visibility. Because Transported Units are never considered to be in base contact with objective or condition tokens, they cannot interact with things like supply caches. TP
  14. Hey there, Enemy units that are moved from the effect of "Vader's Might" would lose their standby token. In both examples, the standby token is lost. TP
  15. General Mandalauri..... Because there is no priority stated, you can cancel the crits before hits if so desired. TP
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