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  1. Hey there, No, because Beam Weapons specify you can only Fire Support the initial shot, not the entry attacks generated by Beam. TP
  2. Hey there, A miniature cannot block it's own Line of Sight, so it would have LoS to the miniature it is overhanging. TP
  3. Hey there, That is correct. Command cards have already been chosen when the operatives are added to your list. TP
  4. Hey there, The token is never given because the Probe Droids in this example were never issued an order. The token is given at the completion of issuing an order, and the probe droids did not get that far! TP
  5. Hey there, Yes. A unit with Retinue that is later promoted to commander would count for it's own Retinue trigger. TP
  6. Hey there, When you pick up the miniature, you have committed to making a move and are therefore locked in to performing a move/move action. Adjusting the movement tool during this process is absolutely acceptable. B is correct! TP
  7. Hey there, Yes! You can use Estims to prevent wounds after taking wounds from Guardian. TP
  8. Hello, No. The unit gains the comms upgrade during list building, so even if the tech is defeated the unit retains the slot, and whatever comms uphrade you put there. TP
  9. Hey there, Neither of those scenarios are legal. When an ability uses the word “after”, it means immediately after. So in example A, you could not force push between moving and the free attack action from charge. In example B, the second attack must come immediately after the first. TP
  10. Hey there, No. Jump x is a card action that’s treated like a move action. Force push is a speed x move, which is not a move action. TP
  11. Hey there, When an ability uses the word “after”, it means immediately after. So you would perform your compel move action, and then your regular action. TP
  12. Hey there, The only action you can perform twice during your activation is a move action. You can therefore only perform one arm action during your activation. TP
  13. Hey there, You would score one point because it is turn 4, and then two additional points because it is the end of the game. Each objective would therefore be worth three points. TP
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