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  1. Hey there, That’s correct - You use the base of the transport to measure the speed 1 move to deploy the detachment. TP
  2. Hey there, Step five is where Dodge tokens are spent. Any dodge tokens spent during this step can active deflect. There are several keywords that trigger during Step 6 to modify your attack dice. Impact, Guardian, Ram, and Lethal are some examples. TP
  3. Hello there, 1. Yes 2. Treat Force Lift in a similar manner as "Fortified Positions". Any orientation/placement ruling should apply to "Force Lift" as well. 3. Adjusted, as above. 4. No TP
  4. Hey there, Thats correct. You can claim two hostage objective tokens, and the effects will apply twice. TP
  5. Hey there, As ruled on the following post, if you cannot make a legal move, you cannot use the Spur keyword. https://forums.atomicmassgames.com/topic/2176-immobilize-tokens-vs-spur/ In all of the above cases, you could not use the spur keyword because Vader is immobilized. TP
  6. Hey there, That is correct. Vader in this instance could not use Spur, because he is unable to perform moves of any kind, and therefore increase his speed. TP
  7. Hello there, Great question! The two opposing Standbys have closely related, but distinct triggers. Friendly unit B can spend their Standby in response to the Speed-1 Move being performed by the enemy unit. Enemy unit A can spend their Standby in response to the Force Push being completed. Because the Speed-X move is a part of the Force Push free action, the free action is not considered finished until after the Speed-1 move is completed. Therefore, friendly unit B will have the first opportunity to spend their Standby, in response to the Speed-1 Move being completed. THEN, enemy unit A may spend theirs in response to the Force Push free action. If they receive a suppression or otherwise lose their Standby in that brief interim, they will not be able to spend it in response to the Force Push. I hope this helps!
  8. Hey there, Force choke can be used on units in open or closed transports, as you measure to the base of the transport when targeting the unit inside. Vader’s Might works the same for targeting purposes. TP
  9. Hey there, Yes. Because HV is in the attack pool, dodge tokens cannot be spent. Note that currently. Obi-wan is the only unit that can spend Dodges while using Guardian. TP
  10. Hey there, The unit that is displaced would perform it's speed 1 move first, then you would place the objective token. TP
  11. Hello! Yes, withdraw is considered a move action as per the RRG (even though it has special rules), and thus it counts towards fulfilling AI: Move. TP
  12. Hey there, Embark/disembark is a move action that includes a speed-1 move as a part of the embark/disembark move action. Therefore, it can be used to trigger keywords such as steady, charge, and relentless, but not other abilities such as tactical x or agile x. Hopefully that clears it up! TP
  13. Hey there, You should measure the starting position from any edge of the jumping unit leader’s base. This would work the same for Speeder units. TP
  14. Hey there, Because Reposition is part of a move (in this case a legal one via Force Push), the keyword can be used. TP
  15. Hey there, A unit with a cumbersome weapon cannot shoot if they moved during their activation. "Because No Time For Sorrows" happens outside of a units activation, it has no bearing on cumbersome weapons. TP
  16. Hey there, 1. Yes. As emplacement trooper has the trooper subtype, they can be set aside during “Rapid Reinforcements”. 2. Yes. Stationary units can benefit from the free scout move gained through “Advanced Positions”. TP
  17. Hey there, Thats correct. You can withdraw even if you’re engaged by multiple units. TP
  18. Hey there, That’s correct. Obi wan only needs LoS to the unit he’s trying to use Guardian on. He doesn’t need LoS to the attacker. TP
  19. Yes, weapon keywords stack as above because you get them for each mini that has that weapon. Unit keywords however only trigger once, no matter how many miniatures are in the unit. The Cumulative part of your first post would only trigger if you had another source of that keyword (such as the AT-ST and Weiss example for Arsenal). TP
  20. Hey there, Yes - if you have two aim tokens you could definitely spend one on Lethal, and the other to re-roll dice. If you had a third dice, you could also upgrade one of those via marksman. Nothing stops you from using these abilities during the same attack, you just can't use the same aim token for more than one of these abilities at the same time. TP
  21. Hey there, Game boards are usually developed independently of the battle cards that either player brought. It’s absolutely legal to create a table that uses barricades, and then place extra barricades during the game if you draw this battle card. It may lead to games with a bunch of barricades on the board! TP
  22. Hey there, Yes, you use the base of the transporting unit when attacking out of an Open Transport. TP
  23. Hey there, Yes. Units are friendly to themselves - the only case where you can’t do this is when a card says “other” friendly unit. TP
  24. Hey there, Because no miniatures start or end in the difficult area terrain, you would move at your full speed. TP
  25. Hey there, Because the unit leader does not go over the barricades, the unit would move at speed 2. TP
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