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The steps for an Attack, at Declare Defenders says:


the attacking player checks to see that the defending unit is at range of at least one of the attacking unit’s weapons and has at least one miniature in LOS to the attacking unit leader. If either of these conditions cannot be met, the attack or attack action cannot be made.

The Fire Support keyword entry states:


an unengaged unit with the Fire Support keyword that has a faceup order token may choose to add one eligible weapon to the attack pool, including any weapon keywords, for each miniature in the unit that has LOS to at least one miniature in the enemy unit. 


Fire Support is not an attack; it only adds weapons to another unit’s attack pool. To use the Fire Support keyword, a unit must be able to make a ranged attack and cannot be engaged

Does the UNIT LEADER of the Fire Supporting unit need LOS? Or, as it is not an attack, does it only require minis that are adding weapons to pool have LoS, with original LoS determined from the attacking unit?

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The unit leader of the unit using Fire Support does need LOS to the defending unit; otherwise, none of its weapons are eligible to be added to the attack pool.

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