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Can Jump X be used while withdrawing?

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I'd like to clarify if it is possible to use Jump when making a withdraw. The idea is to jump onto a building or over a wall while withdrawing. The emphasize in the following text is mine.

Withdraw states that you must use all actions in your activation to make a single "speed-1 move action". No other actions are allowed thus including any free and card actions.

But Jump X states that it can be used anytime when a unit can perform a move action. It doesn't say it has to be a standard move action.

Since Withdraw is declared a move action Jump should work since it can be used for a move action. Is this correct?

Best wishes and greetings from Germany, Christian.

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When a unit withdraws, it spend all of its actions and can perform no other actions. It will not have an opportunity to perform the Jump X card action.

Hope this helps,

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