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Energy gain superpowers in the power phase

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The rulebook says that the power phase is split into 3 steps:
1) Every character gains 1 power
2) Player effects
3) Crisis effects

Certain innate superpowers (Asgardian, She-Hulk's Gamma Transfusion, Hulk's Inner Rage,
Magneto's Master of Magnetism, Ebony Maw's Incredible Psychic Potential) have a character gain power or additional power in the power phase.  My questions are as follows:

1) Is it correct that all of these power generation effects occur during Power Phase step 1 -- with the exception of Magneto who occurs in step 2?
2) Therefore, if all of the above characters were on the table and stunned, then in the power phase
 2a) all would gain one power, with the exception of:
 2b) Magneto would gain one power, potentially place one construct, and then gain one (additional) power.
3) Are the other innate super powers not considered player effects, and is there a good way to differentiate (going forward) what is considered a player effect from what isn't?

Thank you!

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Your assessment is correct - and all superpowers are play effects of the player that controls the character.

The reason all of the non-magneto ones are different and happen at step 1 instead of 2 is because they modify the amount of power gained in step 1, not generate a new instance of power as Magneto does.

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