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Linked Jam vs false transponder codes

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Just looking for some clarification here. I have looked over the rules for jam many times and don't quite understand from various people.

Can someone please explain how Kylo Ren (with no tokens) can be locked by Cad Bane (no tokens) with False transponder codes (active charge), and Cad keeps both the lock and jam token on Kylo.

Whereas, Kylo cannot take a focus link jam and keep the focus and jam token?

By the rules of jam Cad should have lost the lock and FTC charge because Kylo and Cad had no tokens prior to the lock.

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In your example, when Cad Bane locked Kylo Ren, he assigned both a lock token and a jam token to Kylo Ren's tokenless ship. Kylo Ren, now with a jam token, is considered to be jammed. When a ship becomes jammed, the player whose effect caused the ship to gain the jam token chooses for the jammed ship to either remove one of its green tokens or break one of its locks. 

The lock that has been assigned to Kylo Ren belongs to Cad Bane. As Kylo Ren has no green tokens and is not maintaining a lock on an object, the jam token stays.

Should Cad Bane become jammed and have no green tokens he would be forced to break his lock and remove the lock token assigned to Kylo Ren. 




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