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Dark troopers programmed loyalty restrictions

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I've got a question about combination of dark troopers programmed loyalty and comms update comms relay.

The question is, do I understand it correctly that I can issue an order to dark troopers only in case I'll directly issue them with comander (which is obviously), or by issuing order to unit with comms relay. But can not re-direct an order on them, for example, if command card was played by operative, right?

P.s.: would dark troopers be able to receive a command from a unit that was nominated as a new commander during the game?

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The Darktroopers with “Programmed Loyalty” can only be ordered by units with the rank of Commander. A unit promoted to commander would be able to order them. 

If you issue an order to the Darktroopers via comms relay, it would have to be from a commander ranked unit, as the order is considered to originate from the unit with Comms relay. 


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