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Death troopers work at range 0-1 during activation phase. Does this apply to starting position or final position? I.e. If a ship is at range one stressed then does a blue maneuver and final position is range 2 do they then remove the stress?

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As there are multiple ways a stress token could be removed in the ActIvation Phase, it is dependent on where the enemy ship is in relation to the ship equipped with Death Troopers (Crew) at the time the stress token is to be removed.

For example, Cassian Andor (U-Wing), allows a friendly ship at range 1-3 to remove a stress token at the start of the Activation Phase. If that friendly ship is in range of the ship equipped with Death Troopers it would not be able to remove the token.

That same friendly ship then executes a maneuver by resolving the following steps in order:

  1. Maneuver Ship
  2. Check Difficulty

As removing a stress token is step 2 of executing a maneuver, you would not check to see if the ship was in the range of the Death Troopers until after executing the maneuver.


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