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Starter Set vs Rules Reference rules disparity.

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Partially executing a maneuver situation.

Starter Set has a series of four photos showing an X-Wing partially executing a 2 Hard Right Turn, which results in an overlap of a Tie Fighter. But since there is no space between the Tie and a nearby Y-Wing, it bumps into a friendly ship. Last pic then informs us, that the X-Wing should suffer the effects of overlapping a friendly ship.

Unfortunately the Rules Reference Guide clearly states, that overlap only takes into consideration the final position a ship would have. And a ship surfers the effects of overlapping a friendly ship only if the ships final position comes into conflict with a friendly ship's position, aka a friendly ship is preventing the one executing a maneuver to stand there. It doesn't matter which ship they actually bump into.

Which one is the correct understanding of the rules, since it has major impact on gameplay and list building.

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